The Magic of Rapid Results

Watch Nadim Matta Speak About the Magic of Rapid Results

So what do people say when we start talking about achieving things in a hundred days? In many cases, the first thing they say is – you’re kidding right?

In Nicaragua where we started to introduce this work in development, a number of teams got launched that produced these very dramatic results, tripling the sale of milk in 100 days in one of the co-operatives, doubling the weight of pigs that were sold in the marketplace in 100 days. At the end of the 100 days people were talking what had they accomplished and very proud of what they did.

But there was a very quiet farmer, who was a team member, sitting there, Nicaragua, straw hat, golden tooth, weathered face, classical character. He was very quiet, so I asked him, you know, can I hear a bit about your experience in this because you haven’t said much and of course this is all in my broken Spanish.

He answered in Spanish and said – I’ve been a farmer for forty years and my father was a farmer before me and over the years I’ve had people from Government and from organizations come and tell me what needed to be done to improve our farm. This is the first time in my life that somebody came and asked me what do ‘you’ want to do? That for me is precious.

Watch Adam Pisoni Discuss His Involvement With Rapid Results

My name is Adam Pisoni and I was the co-founder and CTO of Yammer, which sold to Microsoft back in 2012. Yammer is an enterprise social network which is really trying to make companies more open and connected, a bit like a Facebook for companies.

You know my time at Yammer taught me that the world of work, if you will, was going through significant tectonic shift, where the way that we operate and run companies had been the same for 100 years and was really changing. And coming out of that I was looking for organizations in the non-profit and government world that were recognizing those same shifts and helping those organizations through the transition themselves. So it was really through looking for the kind of organizations that are using data and helping empower the people within those organizations that I came across the Rapid Results Institute, which one of the few organizations that’s really attacking that space.

There are very few organizations that I decided to really be personally involved with beyond a financial donation and Rapid Results is one of them. And again it’s because I’ve come in to this with some pretty strong beliefs about the future of organizations and work and why it feels like so many government agencies or non-profits or companies aren’t working well. And Rapid Results is one of the few organizations that has that same mindset, so my plan is to stay involved and help out however I can.

When I think about how to explain what Rapid Results does I think the best way is to remember when you worked in a team that was really highly functional and compare that to a time when you worked within a company or team that wasn’t that functional, what really was the difference? I think you find that most of the time these highly functional teams were about getting good people together and really empowering them to figure out how to solve the problem at hand in a tight knit way. So that’s what Rapid Results brings to these government agencies, collections of agencies and non-profits, coming in there and helping build good teams of people that are able to get work done often with the resources they already have.