The 2017 US Dept of Housing and Urban Development YHDP application process spurred dialogue, insights, and passion to start exploring and tackling challenges in efforts to end and prevent youth homelessness.  The competition was fierce. Congratulations to the urban and rural communities that will now be designing and implementing demonstration projects!  A special congrats to Louisville and Columbus that are part of the 16 that have completed 100-Day Challenges on youth homelessness.

El Norte: Enfrentan reto en equipo: dan golpe a rezago judicial (English Translation)

English translation of the article Enfrentan reto en equipo: dan golpe a rezago judicial, from El Norte on the 100-Day Challenge in Monterrey, Mexico. 

Stanford Social Innovation Review: Mobilize Communities for Homeless Vets

Ray of hope amidst the dark clouds...Article in the Stanford Social Innovation Review on how the Departments of Veterans Affairs and Housing and Urban Development and the Interagency Council on Homelessness leveraged RRIs 100-Day Challenges to turbocharge community efforts to end homelessness among veterans, and provided a model for doing government differently.