Rapid Results – Creating a Network

Arek Deng knows what it takes to be part of a winning team. She’s a former professional basketball player and now Catalyst with Rapid Results, using her pro-athlete skills, drive and passion to help nurture the next generation of team members for Rapid Results around the world.

“ My role is two-fold. I’m a Rapid Results Catalyst and I’ll be working on the TenSquared Workplace Safety Program with Taya and our partner Social Accountability International. I’m really excited to be part of that team as we launch in to more countries. My other role is as a Network Catalyst and we have created this as there are a lot of people out there who have been trained in the past and carry out Rapid Results coaching services or they conduct what we call Rapid Results Initiatives. So my role will be to find, connect and share stories with these people and to help build a way to train and certify these people and new people going forward.”

When she first learned about the work of the Rapid Results institute five years ago, Arek became an instant advocate and fan – and when she finished her work with the London 2012 Olympic games, she started to volunteer for RRI on occasional small projects.

“ For a long time I looked for things that were going to connect my background of basketball, competitiveness and coaching with my background in international relations and development and Rapid Results was a perfect place for me to connect those two worlds.”

Arek grew up with her family in Great Britain, but her father is from South Sudan and the family has stayed focused on the people of that country over the years.

Rapid Results Initiatives continue to flourish on the African continent and Arek believes she knows why, “ They can have a say in the process of achieving goals that directly affect their lives. And because that puts them in a place where they have to be responsible and they’re not just told what they’re supposed to do that makes a huge difference.”

Arek knows she and Rapid Results have challenges ahead of them not just in Africa but elsewhere in the world, to find the right people to become part of the success of Rapid Results and its unique methodology, helping to create meaningful and sustainable change.

“ We’re looking for people who are driven and who want to see change in their communities. Who can teach and share and push conversations in a positive direction and in the case of Africa, can speak the various languages to help them connect with the people.”

Arek admits these are just some of the qualities she and Rapid Results are looking for and the role and Rapid Results requirements evolve over time to make sure people and processes remain current and relevant.

One thing she is determined to see happen in 2016 though is an event, hopefully in Africa, that will help to connect many of the existing RR coaches and allow everyone to get together for the first time.

If you are interested in being considered as a Rapid Results Coach in Africa or elsewhere in the world or are a company or organization that would like to know more about Rapid Results ground-breaking work, then contact Arek directly at – adeng@rapidresults.org