Yammer co-founder Adam Pisoni supports the Rapid Results Institute

Tech Entrepreneur and Yammer co-founder Adam Pisoni has pledged his support to The Rapid Results Institute (RRI) to help us scale-up and extend the reach of RRI’s work in tackling major societal issues around the world.

Adam said, “There are tectonic shifts happening in the world of work challenging how companies organize and collaborate. After Yammer I was looking for impactful organizations that recognized these shifts and were trying to help other organizations through the transition using data, collaboration and employee empowerment. The Rapid Results Institute was one of only a handful of organizations I found that met that bar.”

Nadim Matta, President of The Rapid Results Institute is pleased that Adam wants to help, “Adam is a kindred spirit. He reached out to us to learn about our work. And he helped us expand our thinking about scaling our impact, and especially the role that technology can play in that. This is an issue we are grappling with in all the problems we are immersed in:ending homelessness here in the US, integrating social and health care in the UK, and improving workplace health and safety in Turkey and other countries. With Adam’s support and counsel I am confident that we will figure this out.

Adam kindly gave us an interview about his support for the Institute and its work, watch it here.