Mendocino County: Whats Next Workshop

The Mendocino County 100-Day Challenge wrapped up at the end of March 2018. The team met with other teams in Gulfport, Mississippi for the Sustainability Workshop to review what they did and how to sustain their work. Check out the video of the team talking about what the accomplished during the challenge!

Last week, the team came together again for the What's Next Workshop to create action plans to keep the momentum going beyond the 100-day challenge! Here are their new goals:

  • Outreach & Assess: Educate anyone working with homeless Transition Age Youth  to positively engage LGBTQ+ youth, including youth and their families and or other natural supports.

  • Coordinated Entry: A system wide Coordinated Entry process utilized by all service providers that interfaces with youth experiencing homelessness.

  • Data/HMIS: Ability to collect and share information across agencies/discipline to better serve clients.

To stay up to date on this teams amazing work check out their public facebook group, 100 Day Challenge Mendo: End Youth Homelessness.