Charles Adwan

Charles is a consultant on issues of governance, leadership development, and political and economic reform. He has worked with the Institute to develop an integrated approach to leadership development with a results orientation. Impactful Leadership, or Leadership for Results, is a comprehensive framework that leverages performance goals and leadership skills of team members to achieve organizational results.

Charles has helped governments and organizations design innovative solutions to governance and leadership challenges in numerous developing countries, namely in the Middle East and Africa. Through his work at the World Bank and the Transparency International network, he promoted a comprehensive approach that combines policy formulation with capacity building to reach better development results. He has conducted research and published on many issues such as freedom of information, nepotism, electoral reform, and corruption in post-war reconstruction.

Charles has recently completed a Mid-Career Masters in Public Administration at the Harvard Kennedy School, where he focused on adaptive leadership. He serves on the board of the Rene Moawad Foundation – USA, a charitable organization dedicated to social and rural development in Lebanon.