About Us


We envision a world in which those tackling the world’s greatest problems have the ability and agility to translate their ambitions into positive impact on the ground.



Coach and train leaders and teams from around the world in the choreography of the 100-Day Challenge and build a global network of change agents to catalyze and accelerate scalable solutions to critical societal problems.


Who is RRI?

We are a small and nimble organization of change agents that works with communities around the world to catalyze the results needed for communities to achieve positive social change.

RRI was founded and spun out of Schaffer Consulting in 2007 and its work is inspired by the principles of results-driven change that Dr. Robert H. Schaffer and his colleagues pioneered in large corporations.

Meet the team


How does RRI help?

We have been pioneering the use of 100-Day Challenge choreography to promote positive social change for over ten years.

By providing a cutting edge rapid cycle implementation choreography, RRI helps leaders and teams in government and communities around the world tackle and solve critical social challenges and build capacity over time to bridge the gap between aspirations and impact.

The 100-Day Challenge liberates front-line teams to unleash entrepreneurial energy to innovate, experiment, collaborate, and execute. Teams produce remarkable results in 100 days. As important, mindset and behaviors shift, new relationships are forged, and confidence levels rise.

We also train others to be able to deliver 100-Day Challenges in their communities so they can sustain and scale the progress they’ve made.


Who does RRI work with?

Our work is about supporting those trying to achieve positive impact on critical social problems to collaborate more effectively, be more agile, adaptive, and experimental in pursuing the results they aspire to. This includes governments, institutions, the private sector, NGOs, and communities.

The solutions they come up with need to be part of a sustainable, more holistic view of the capacity of individuals, communities, and systems to survive, adapt, and transform in the face of uncertainty and crisis and we help them do that.


Where does RRI work?

We have worked all over the world.  RRI has conducted projects in: Ethiopia, Nepal, Nicaragua, USA, UK, Democratic Republic of Congo, Iraq, Kenya, Mexico, United Arab Emirates, Nigeria, Jordan, Sierra Leone, Eritrea… and we keep adding to the list!

Our Catalysts are a tight-knit team based all over the world from New York to Johannesburg. 


What areas does RRI work in?

Our work has proved time and time again that the choreography works in very different contexts. We have worked in housing and homelessness, nutrition, workers’ rights, government capacity building, health and social care, justice reform, and more! [See our areas of work]