HIV/AIDS Prevention in the Workplace in Ethiopia (2008)

This project aimed to demonstrate that private companies can make a difference in the battle against HIV/AIDS.

With our help, EBCA launched 30 RRI’s and became the first local non-profit organization to complete the Rapid Results capacity transfer program.


  • Half of the participating companies were able to extend voluntary testing and counseling services to 75-95% of their staff in less than 100 days. A quarter achieved coverage above 50% — levels far higher than similar efforts, many of which took twice as long to complete.

  • One company, Prefabricated Construction Supply Company (PCSC) testing 90% of their 1,000 staff members in 120 days.  This included the construction of an HIV testing clinic on company grounds, which has since been opened to employees of surrounding companies. For more details, here’s a link to an article written by the Head of Planning, Market Research and Development at the Company: Commitment is Key.

  • At Crown Can and Cork Company, which already had a well-developed program, their RRI team developed creative ways to ensure adequate food support to HIV positive employees despite a frozen budget for such work and 20% monthly inflation rates. To do this, the team started a small chicken breeding operation on unused company land, created bulk purchase agreements with food vendors and sold non-hazardous production waste to recyclers.

We partnered with the Ethiopian Business Coalition Against HIV/AIDS (EBCA). Demand for EBCA’s services increased significantly after it began using the Rapid Results Approach.

This work was sponsored by the World Bank Institute, African Capacity Building Foundation and GTZ. 

For more details on the results achieved, here’s a link to the press release on the topic, courtesy of the Ethiopian AIDS Resource Center: Ethiopian companies achieve remarkable VCT results within their workplace (Coming soon…). The work was also featured as a best practice on the UNAIDS web-site – Translating intent into action in Ethiopia.

HIV/AIDS Programs in the Workplace in Ethiopia Using Rapid Results Initiatives (RRIs), Collaboration between the Rapid Results Institute and EBCA, 2011

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