Improving school cleanliness, neighborhood sanitation, and family planning, Jordan (2013)

In 2012, we partnered with the Jordan River Foundation (JRF) to train communities on how to implement 100-day Rapid Results Initiatives as a vehicle for change. Together, RRI and JRF decided to focus on the three most important issues affecting the valley: school cleanliness, neighborhood sanitation, and family planning. We focused in two neighborhoods in Ghore Al Mazra’a, located in the Jordan Valley.

 Teams and Goals

  • Family Planning Team: Ensure that 300 new women from two targeted areas of the Jordan valley are using one kind of family planning tool available at the health center in 100 days.

  • School Cleanliness Team: Ensure that 60% (of 150 students and staff from the two schools) of those surveyed give the two targeted schools a cleanliness rating of “good” by the end of the 100 days.

  • Neighborhood Cleanliness Team: Ensure that 80% of those surveyed from the two-targeted neighborhoods in Ghore Al Mazra’a (in Jordan Valley) give a rating of “very good” to their neighborhoods’ cleanliness by the end of the 100 days.


All three teams have used their own resources and did not request additional funding, which is remarkable and inspirational. It proves the team’s determination to accomplish change and shows their efforts are sustainable. They have successfully encouraged the community to mobilize around extremely important issues to make a difference and serve as an exemplary community. 

The School Cleanliness Team:

  • Persuaded private businesses to donate cleaning supplies, a huge accomplishment that will allow the team to save their resources for other needs.

  • Reached out to the Jordan Security Forces to help clean the local schools and have encouraged teachers and students to join in their efforts.

  • Collected donations and started planting trees and plants to help improve the schools appearance.

 The Neighborhood Cleanliness Team:

  • United with a local youth group for help in cleaning up garbage and litter throughout the two neighborhoods.

 The Family Planning Team:

  • Gathered groups of women and educate them about the importance of different family planning tools.


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