Mariana Rios Palafox


Mariana Rios Palafox is based in Mexico City where she works on our Justice and Anti-corruption Programs. She has a decade of experience in program implementation, management and funding, serving organizations to fulfill their missions.

She has managed programs serving underserved communities in the areas of education, health and justice. Her experience working with the Hispanic community in the United States began at Hudson River Healthcare, where she coordinated the health prevention and education programs for minorities, focusing on removing barriers to access primary health care services. Since then, she worked at Televisa Foundation in Mexico City, where she led and expanded the education initiative focused on engaging Latina girls and women in the United States into Computer Science. Expanding the program throughout the United States and Mexico.

Mariana is also the former Director of the Alternatives to Incarceration (ATI) program at Fortune Society, a New York City-based non-profit organization focused on empowering and offering skill-building training to minority youth involved in the criminal justice system.

Mariana holds a Master of Science Degree in Social Work Management from Columbia University in the City of New York and a Bachelor's Degree from Universidad Iberoamericana, and is fluent in English and Spanish.