Rebuilding Post-Conflict States infrastructure, Sudan (2007)

This project aimed to introduce the Rapid Results Approach in thirteen post-conflict communities in North Kordofan, South Kordofan, and Kassala. CDF was financed by a trust fund set up by the donor community to support the 2005 Comprehensive Peace Agreement between North and South Sudan. Similar to the Community-Based Rural Development Program in Ghana, the challenge in CDF was to build ownership of the program at the community level, and to shift the focus of the program from infrastructure (building schools and health centers) to impact (improving key health and education indicators).


Some of the results achieved by the initial wave of 100-day projects included:

  • In Um Sura (North Kordofan), the community team’s goal was to reduce dropout rates by 50%, from 22 dropouts the previous year to 11. Not only did they exceed their goal, but 16 of the students who had dropped out last year returned to school!

  • In Silkyay (Kassala), the team set a goal to increase enrollment from 60 students to 120, but in fact exceeded their goal by reaching an enrollment of 128. The team also built two classes, an office and a school latrine.

  • In Diman (Kassala), team efforts decreased Malaria prevalence among children and pregnant women from 50% to 16% (according to blood tests conducted by the Malaria control unit). The team also built a health staff house near the community clinic.

  • In Khor el Deleib (South Kordofan), the community team sought to increase primary school enrollment from 50 to 75, but they exceeded their goal and reached 87 enrolled students. In addition, the Khor el Deleib team built a new school – an accomplishment that required them to mediate a long-running dispute between two local tribes (11 local tribes were represented on the Rapid Results team).

We partnered with a Community Driven Development program – Community Development Fund (CDF). Our work in Sudan was sponsored by the World Bank.


Update From the Field, June 2007

Education of Girls in Sinkat Kinap is Not an Illusion, by Noureldien Ahmed Abdelrahman, Dec 2007

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