Ongoing and Recent Projects

Over the past 2 years, RRI’s focus has been on the movement to prevent and end youth homelessness in the US, justice and governmental reform in Latin America, and helping to develop and expand the Government Accelerator program in the UAE.

Building Government & Community Capacity

RRI has a long history of supporting governments, public institutions, and community based organizations in driving progress towards solving critical social problems. The Rapid Results 100-Day Challenge methodology provides a framework for public sector institutions to convene key stakeholders at the local, regional, or national level and move them to action. In the process of pursuing results, public sector institutions build new partnerships, create more efficient processes and protocols, and change the way they approach their work.

Health and social care

RRI’s health and social care initiatives concentrate on leveraging the knowledge and energy of frontline health and care professionals, from doctors to commissioners, to transform the way health and social care are provided in their communities.

Housing and homelessness

Since 2012, RRI has helped over 80 U.S. cities launch RRI 100-Day Challenges to accelerate progress toward ending veteran, chronic, and youth homelessness.

RRI continues to support communities and states to come together to reach ambitious goals to prevent and end homelessness.

Worker Engagement

RRI’s worker engagement programs start from the premise that trust between managers and workers is both possible and critical for making progress on health and safety issues. RRI helps translate the shared interests of workers and managers into bold action and real results. Along the way, the program builds trust, improves worker-manager communication and stimulates collaborative problem solving.