Books That Inspire Us....

rapid resuls book2.jpg

Robert H. Schaffer & Ron Ashkenas
Jossey-Bass | 2005


Tina Rosenberg
W.W. Norton & Company | 2011

Breakthrough strategy book.jpg

Robert H. Schaffer
Harper Business | 1990

High-Impact Consulting

Robert H. Schaffer
Jossey-Bass | 2002


Chip and Dan Heath
Crown Business | 2010

The White Man's Burden

William Easterly
Penguin | 2006

Matt Andrews
Cambridge University Press | 2012

GE Workout book.jpg

Dave Ulrich, Steve Kerr & Ron Ashkenas
McGraw-Hill | 2002

Jon Katzenbach and Douglas K. Smith
Collins Business Essentials | 2003

Daron Acemoglu and James Robinson
Crown Business | 2012


Articles That Inspire Us....

by Nadim Matta and Peter Morgan
Stanford Social Innovation Review
Summer 2011

by Nadim Matta
The Conference Board – Executive Action
December 2004

by Rapid Results Institute

by Daniel Manitsky and Milla Mclachlan
Micronutrient Initiative – The Commonwealth Ministers Books

by Nadim Matta and Ron Ashkenas
Harvard Business Review On Point Article
September 2003

passionate leadership image.png

by Nadim Matta and Patrice Murphy
World Bank Institute – Capacity Development Briefs
October 2005

Connecting the Dots

Increasing the Yield on Learning Programs for Capacity Development
by Nadim Matta, Samuel Otoo and Natalia Agapitova
World Bank Institute

by Nadim Matta, Ron Ashkenas and Jean-Francois Rischard
Leader to Leader – A Publication of the Drucker Foundation and Josey-Bass
Winter 2002

Unleashing Implementation Capacity in Developing Countries

by Nadim Matta
Chapter 9 in Rapid Results
Published by Jossey-Bass
September 2005

Operating “Below-The-Line” to Produce Real Value

by Nadim Matta
The Conference Board – Executive Action
December 2004

wisdom of teams .jpg

by Jon Katzenbach and Douglas K. Smith
Harvard Business Review
July 2005

by Dani Rodrik
Harvard Kennedy School – Faculty Research Working Papers Series
October 2008