Robert Schaffer

Robert Schaffer is the founder of Schaffer Consulting and the originator of its results-driven approach described in the book, Rapid Results: How 100-Day Projects Build the Capacity for Large-Scale Change (Jossey-Bass, 2005). Nadim Matta and the staff of the Rapid Results Institute adapted this approach to facilitate major change in developing countries and the development of managerial capability in these countries.

For most of his career, Schaffer has pioneered the development and application of consulting approaches that are based on achieving performance improvement and capability development through frequent and rapid client successes. Simultaneously, he has helped create materials for developing managerial capability as a by-product of a successful achievement.

In addition to working with senior managers, Schaffer consults with other consultants – internal and external – helping them to have greater impact with their clients. The journal Consulting to Management called his book High-Impact Consulting (Jossey Bass, 2002) the “single most useful current book on the practice of management consulting.” One aspect of Schaffer’s work with RRI has been to develop materials for training Rapid Results coaches. Under the auspices of the World Bank he has also participated in training and mentoring coaches in Africa and Eastern Europe.

Schaffer is the author of many articles and books on productivity, organization change and consulting.