Ronnie Hammad

Ronnie is a project advisor at the World Bank with over 20 years’ experience specializing in international finance, economic development, and infrastructure. He has implemented multi-million dollar programs, engaging private sector investors and client governments in Africa, Europe, Central Asia, and the Middle-East.

Ronnie was one of the early adopters and sponsors of rapid results work in Eritrea, Kenya, Senegal, and Sierra Leone. He currently works in the Governance Global Practice, which deals with the range of institutional reform issues around public sector performance, Justice Reform, and accountability. He has been a passionate advocate of incorporating the approach in the design and implementation of World Bank programs, in training for staff and clients, and in sharpening the thinking on results more broadly.

Prior to joining the Bank, he worked at the Institute of International Finance doing country risk analysis for international commercial Banks.

Ronnie holds a master’s degree in International Finance from the George Washington University.