Impact Stories

Our work is all about people. What better way to tell you about our work than through what our partners, funders, teams and others think.


Health in the UK

While coaching a team in South Essex UK, a team member announced: “this is the best experience of my working career”. When asked why that was, she described how the program enabled her to put into place ideas that she and her colleagues have known about, but have never been able to implement and how she’s developed connections between professional groups that have been needed for years.

Here is a blog post from a team leader in West Essex, UK:


Youth Homelessness in the United stateS

“We did everything differently.  I was surprised to see how innovative and creative folks can be, when given the chance.”

Team members were encouraged by leadership to "tear down the box” and take risks to achieve unreasonably ambitious housing results. Team members commented that they had permission to do things they only previously wished they could.

“We embraced the power of data.”

By digging into the demographics related to need, available resources and gaps, the communities began to make more informed decisions based on the realities of their current systems.

“We became a community.”

A spirit of collaboration developed. It became the community’s “job” to house young people experiencing homelessness (not just the responsibility of an anonymous government agency). This allows for creativity, transparency and inclusive decision making around barriers and solutions.    

“I didn’t do this for 100 days to stop now. This is how we are going to work moving forward.  There is no turning back!”

“In at least one community, there is growing conviction among 100-day team members and their sponsors that they will end youth homelessness in 2018.”


Veteran and chronic Homelessness

“...I want to let you know that , to that which I am aware, it was the most beneficial 48 hours spent in the field to date on improving the HUD-VASH system...”  - Excerpt from an email written by participant (NGO leader) in the San Diego Launch Workshop to Foundation sponsor (forwarded to the organizers by the Foundation Director)

“If you had asked me yesterday, I would have told you that the goal we just set this morning was impossible to achieve. But I am now confident that we will achieve the goal.”  - Participant (Housing Authority representative) in the Houston Boot Camp, at the end of Day Two of the Launch Workshop

“Our work in DC, and in many other communities across the country, has been transformed by a new planning model from one of my favorite organizations in the world, the Rapid Results Institute. Instead of a traditional strategic planning process that starts with a vision and then sketches out all the policy changes and system designs that need to happen before you even start piloting implementation, the Rapid Results approach focuses on moving from a vision immediately into implementation, taking action in 100-day bursts in a way that teams can find success quickly and spur innovation and progress. It’s from action that new policies emerge, new systems are built and designed, and capabilities are unleashed."  - Adam Rocap, Director at Miriam’s Kitchen in Washington, DC


UAE Government Accelerators

“The challenge was not easy to achieve but the result was well worth it” - Ministry of Environment team member

“A fantastic learning experience for all involved!  Planning and implementation were the best during the team work." - Ministry of Human Resources and Emiratisation team member



“Before TenSquared, my coworkers and I feared talking to our supervisors. However, after having participated in TenSquared, we now have greater access to management. Together with the management we can address any problem." - Worker, Brazil

“This is the first time we as managers listened to the workers. This dialogue and collaboration is the very spirit of TenSquared and was what ensured we achieved our health and safety goal." - Manager, China

“Through this project we identified the weaknesses in our health and safety issues. There is now better organization and coordination around these issues. We had nothing before, but now we can achieve our health & safety goals.” - Worker, Turkey

“We were able to show our senior leadership that by working together as a team of workers and managers we could achieve our ambitious health & safety goal, even in a time of minimal financial resources. For me, this was one of the most rewarding moments.” - Manager, Brazil  

"We have seen the results that TenSquared has achieved and believe that the program is a scalable model that empowers workers to identify solutions to urgent workplace health and safety challenges." - Michael J. Widman, Vice President, International Labor Standards, The Walt Disney Company