UAE Government Accelerators

The UAE Government Accelerators are a platform for cross-sectoral government teams to address challenges and achieve unreasonably ambitious goals in short periods of time. The Government Accelerators aim to accelerate the implementation of projects, instill a culture of entrepreneurship and innovation in Government, and encourage integration among Government entities and with the private sector. The acceleration methods and choreography used at the Accelerators is based on the 100-Day Challenge and related approaches developed by RRI.

The UAE Government Accelerators are a collaborative effort between RRI and the Prime Minister’s Office of the United Arab Emirates. The focus is in four key areas: National Key Performance Indicators (NKPIs), Projects, Policies, and Services. In addition to delivering on the 100 day initiatives, the Government Accelerators are building capacity through the training and experiential development of national coaches.

 The Challenge

Our challenge is to build capacity within government ministries to influence a “new way of doing government” – infusing the culture of startups and entrepreneurship into the public sector.

How We’re Tackling It

With our support, the Government Accelerators team works with ministries across the federal government to identify where programs are stalled in implementation or impact, and then builds 100-Day teams to jumpstart movement or accelerate progress on the identified issues. Since the official opening of the Government Accelerators in November 2016, we have supported numerous cohorts of teams across over 10 federal entities. 

Sample of Results Achieved

  • 24 lives and 174 million UAE dirham saved by reducing road deaths on the five most dangerous roads in the UAE by 63% over same 2-month period the year prior (Ministry of Interior team).

  • 16% reduction in emissions from Emirates Global Aluminum factory in 100 days, equivalent to annual emissions of 460,000 cars (Ministry of Climate Change and Environment team).

  • 27 patents filed in the UAE in 100 days, a seven-fold increase compared to the same time last year  (Ministry of Economy team).

  • 100% of Emirati children on waiting lists enrolled in public kindergartens in Dubai eliminating a total waitlist of 435 names in 50 days (Ministry of Education team).

  • 1,061 Emirati nationals hired in the private financial sector in 100 days (Ministry of Human Resources and Emiratisation).

  • 2,201 women screened for breast cancer in the Emirate of Fujairah in 100 days compared to 1,200 in the full year prior (Ministry of Health team).

UAE Government accelerators Diploma program

We are excited to now be returning to the UAE to strengthen the program by training and certifying leaders in Government to launch and facilitate 100-Day Challenges in their own agencies. This unique program we are developing with the UAE Prime Minister’s Office aims to embed our 100-Day Challenge principles further within the day-to-day operations of Government.


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